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Michele Love PAC
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Michele Love

Michele Love is a professional practicing Vibrational Astrologer.  She graduated from the Avalon School of Astrology in 2020 and is currently an active VA researcher with the hopes of never-ending research in this dynamic field of study. 

Michele is a business owner in the realm of metaphysics contained within a most magical brick and mortar location alongside a team of amazing healers. Here she has been an Intuitive Medium, Pro Tarot Reader, and Reiki Master Teacher over the past 14 years; in addition to Vibrational Astrology consultations.  Michele offers various classes on metaphysical topics such as energy healing, crystals, herbs, tarot, spell work, and more.  She also possesses a Bachelor of Science in Education, is Priestess in the Cabot Tradition, and podcaster. 

For more information about Michele, contact information and services, visit her websites:


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